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Claiming back Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

If you’ve taken out a loan in the last 10 years, or even a credit or store card, the chances are you’ve got Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), or card protection Insurance. If you do, you were probably missold it, and can look at claiming all of the money back you’ve paid, plus interest with a PPI refund claim.

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How much can I claim back?

Everything you’ve already paid towards the missold PPI can be claimed back. We’ll also ask for more on top of that to compensate for lost interest for you!

Can I claim back insurance on anything else?

The only time you’ll be expected to pay anything is the moment the successfully claimed money is sat in your bank account. There are no upfront fees to pay, and we charge 25% of the total amount we win for you. In the unlikely event we don’t win anything for you, there is no charge at all. Claiming PPI back presents no financial risk to you at all.

How much will this cost me?

Yes! You can claim back PPI on Hire Purchase agreements and Secured loans (even mortgages) if it is there. You can also claim back Card Protection insurance on credit and store cards. Settled loans are another source of claiming back PPI. Have you ever topped up your personal loan? That means you paid off a loan, and should be able to claim back the PPI on that too!

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Why PPI is missold

  • You weren’t told about it
  • You weren’t asked if you already had cover
  • You asked for it, but you weren’t told you were taking a loan out to pay for it
  • You weren’t advised you would be charged interest on it
  • Nobody warned you about the exclusions
  • You weren’t working when you took out the loan
  • You were self employed/in a temporary job when you took out the loan
  • You weren’t told the PPI didn’t cover the full term of the loan
  • You weren’t asked about your sick leave entitlements at work
  • You weren’t given a choice
  • You weren’t given a quote with PPI and one without PPI
  • You were told you had a better chance of getting the loan if you took PPI
  • You weren’t told PPI was optional
  • You thought declining PPI would mean they wouldn’t give you the loan
  • You weren’t told you couldn’t claim for pre existing medical problems
  • And a lot more reasons…

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