You have to play the debt game whether you want to or not – Mark's story of how he eventually won it

Mark had never been overdrawn, always saved up for things he needed and was running a profitable business – but that still wasn’t good enough for the banks.
You have to play the debt game whether you want to or not – Mark's story of how he eventually won itEvery adult in Britain has at least three reports on them that assess your reliability at paying money back.
These credit reports are used by everyone from banks to landlords, employers and phone companies before deciding whether they should take a risk on you.
There’s just one problem: There’s a whole class of people that they just can’t see – no matter how responsible they are with their money.
As Mark Ames found out.

A perfect record, but a terrible score

Mark, 42, is an ex-marine, who now runs a profitable business in Taunton, Devon. He’s also never been in debt.
“I never was part of the credit society,” he told Mirror Money.
“I sometimes felt as if I’d missed out on something, but I saved up for everything I needed and never owned a house,” the personal trainer explained.
That was until it became time to expand his business – and to do that he needed to borrow some money. There was just one problem. As far as the banks were concerned, he didn’t exist.
“I applied to Equifax to see what my credit rating would be and it was really low.”
Mark’s score was well below average for his area – and that’s a problem. Without a good score, he’d be left paying the highest rates possible – and that’s only if he could find someone willing to lend to him in the first place.
And that just didn’t seem fair.
“I couldn’t really understand,” Mark said. “I’ve never had any debt.
“I could have got a loan but I didn’t need one.”
And that meant as far as the credit score analysts were concerned, he didn’t exist.

It's Time To Stop Worrying

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