Hull man left with knife stuck in back after row over £10 debt

A MAN was left with a knife embedded 5in into his back after a row over an unpaid £10 debt.
Jamie John Coggin, 25, lay in wait for his victim Andrew White in an east Hull snicket.
Coggin then confronted Mr White, 40, and demanded he paid him back a debt of £10. When Mr White said he did not have any money, Coggin stabbed him in the back.
He plunged the knife in so deep, it remained embedded inside Mr White until surgeons at Hull Royal Infirmary were able to rush him into theatre and operate.
Coggin was initially charged with attempted murder over the stabbing, in Jalland Street, off Holderness Road.
He has pleaded guilty at Hull Crown Court to the lesser charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.
Prosecutor Jharna Jobes told the court: “The complainant owed the defendant some money and, on this particular occasion in the evening, he was walking down a snicket and the defendant asked for his money.
“He said he didn’t have it and he walked away. He was then stabbed in the back with a knife – the injury was 5in in depth.”
The attack happened at 6pm on September 4.
The police and ambulance service were called after neighbours living nearby heard Mr White’s screams for help.
Judge Jeremy Richardson QC said: “It’s a serious matter. It is very unusual to see the knife in the
victim’s body, having to have it
surgically removed. That’s why a photo has been taken of it – it was almost up to the hilt.”
Judge Richardson QC told the
prosecution he would give it two weeks to obtain an updated medical report and a victim impact
statement before Coggin, of Durham Street, east Hull, is sentenced.
He told the defendant: “Plainly, the dangerous provisions need to be considered. This is a serious case on any analysis.
“Jamie Coggin, you have heard what has been said and you have now pleaded guilty to these matters that will undoubtedly be taken into account by the judge who sentences you. You have pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.
“All sentencing options are open but I think it is highly likely you will be sent to prison. The only real issue that has to be decided is how long you are to be sent to prison. In addition, there is the issue of
“I have seen the injury photos and, make no mistake, this is a serious case and I have no doubt at all that a sentence of some substance will be imposed.”
Coggin has previous convictions for two robberies and two charges of false imprisonment.
He was jailed for five-and-a-half years in 2007 for robbing a couple and keeping them prisoners in their home. He was caught when he fell asleep in their living room in Airlie Street, west Hull.
Coggin was high on a cocktail of drink and drugs at the time when he tricked his way into the home of Thomas Smith and Jean Malone and threatened them with a claw
Once inside, he locked the front door, took the key and demanded money, waving the weapon he had hidden down his shorts at the terrified couple.
Even when they handed over all the money they had, which amounted to just £64, Coggin became increasingly aggressive and forced them to fill a bin liner with
valuables he wanted to steal.
Due to his drug and alcohol intake, he fell asleep in a “stupor” in their living room, giving the couple the chance to escape and alert the police.
Coggin was found, still slumped asleep in their living room, when police arrived to arrest him.
Officers found the £64 in cash, a packet of tobacco, a mobile phone and some of Miss Malone’s jewellery in his pockets.
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