Katie Price loses £14,000 to credit card fraud

October 10, 2011 No Comments

£14,000 was fraudulently taken out of glamour model Katie Price’s bank account after an impostor wearing a blond wig and sunglasses managed to convince staff at an HSBC branch that she was the star. 

Katie, 33, only found out about the fraud after three of her credit cards were declined during a shopping trip in Brighton.
After complaining to her bank, she learnt that all her cards had been reported as lost or stolen the day before and £14,000 had been taken out of an account.
The un-named woman had withdrawn £9,000 on one occasion and a further £2,500 in two other instances.
According to the Daily Mirror, police believe that a criminal gang had a member dress up as Katie’s alter-ego Jordan in order to carry out the scam.
Lancashire police are currently in possession of CCTV footage which shows a woman wearing a blonde wig and sunglasses attempting to make withdrawals.
Katie told the Mirror: “It is just terrifying that this could have been allowed to happen.”

She subsequently had the missing £14,000 refunded.