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Goldfish Bank is a Credit Card Company.

A Credit Card is a card issued by a financial company allowing the customer to use it as a means of payment at the point of sale of goods and products.
Credit cards allow the borrower a line of unsecured credit with a pre agreed credit limit. Credit Cards charge interest and are usually used as a form of short term borrowing.
The interest charged by credit card companies vary with low interest rates of 6.9% apr and high rates in excess of 40% apr in some cases
Credit Card companies entice customers to obtain a card with them by using introductory rates and promotions, often with interest free periods. However, should you fall into arrears, miss a payment or exceed your credit limit on a credit card debt you will usually be charged and if these charges are not cleared on your next statement extra interest will accrue which will make it more difficult to pay off the debt.
If you have a credit card with Goldfish Bank or any other credit card debt and are struggling with the payments contact us or submit your details in the contact form to the right of your screen for instant debt advice.
Contact our Debt Specialist team today for confidential advice. We may be able help you by arranging a reduced repayment plan to Goldfish Bank on your behalf and help to deal with your debts for you.

The Financial Conduct Authority lays out rules and guidelines on how companies can operate in the consumer credit industry and to prevent unfair practices. The FCAs debt collection rules and guidance sets out minimum standards that all authorised companies involved in debt recovery and debt collection must adhere to in order to be considered fit to operate as a debt collector.
Examples of unfair practices include claiming unfair or excessive collection charges, harrassment, misrepresenting enforcement powers (threatening to seize property when lawfully they cannot), bypassing an appointed representative and contacting you directly, threatening legal action when it is unlikely to take place.

As part of our Debt Directory we have listed most of the credit card companies including that operate within the UK, providing you with upto date information on each company. You can find this information here Credit Card Company Debt Directory.
If you are experiencing problems with Goldfish Bank Credit Card debt contact us today.
We have provided Goldfish Bank Contact Details and Company Information below.

Company Name
Goldfish Bank
Correspondence Address
Po Box 10001
G68 9ZJ
Registered Address
1St Floor
26-28 Bedford Row

Reg Company Number
Parent Company
Consumer Credit Licence
Roy Allen Guthrie
Direct Postal Address
8537 Meadowbrook Drive
Fort Worth
Director & General Counsel
Kathryn McNamara Corley
Direct Postal Address
576 Arbor Vitae Road

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