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 Davies Enforcement Certified Bailiffs

Davies Enforcement Certified Bailiffs is a debt recovery company.

They may contact you if you are in arrears with repayments to a finance company that you may owe money to. Many debt recovery companies have been accused by consumers of trying to force customers to pay more than they can afford each month, this breaks rules set out by the Office of Fair Trading.
If you are finding it difficult to repay the amount owed to Davies Enforcement Certified Bailiffs we may be able to help you by arranging reduced payments on your behalf on a month by month basis. Please contact our team for confidential, expert debt advice or to arrange a repayment plan to Davies Enforcement Certified Bailiffs.

If you are struggling to repay Davies Enforcement Certified Bailiffs click here.
In debt with Davies Enforcement Certified Bailiffs? Know your rights.
The OFT set out in it’s Debt Collection Guidance a number of guidelines that a company collecting from you should comply with.

  • Davies Enforcement Certified Bailiffs can not force you to repay more than you can comfortably afford each month.
  • If you make a reduced payment, Davies Enforcement Certified Bailiffs can not refuse it.
  • Davies Enforcement Certified Bailiffs can not add charges as a penalty for non payment, other than to cover the real costs of collections activity.
  • If you enter a debt management plan with Humber Debt Solutions, Davies Enforcement Certified Bailiffs should not bypass Humber Debt Solution and attempt to contact you directly.
  • Please note the above Guidelines are what Humber Debt Solutions have interpreted from the OFT Debt Collection Guidance July 2003 (updated October 2011). If you would like to read the full guidance please click here.
Company Name
GroDavies Enforcement Certified Bailiffs
Correspondence Address
Po Box 3063
Registered Address
St. Clements House
14 St. Andrews Road
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Parent Company
Consumer Credit Licence

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