Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions Ltd Debt and IVA

Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions Ltd is a Debt Collection Company and will chase you for payments if you have a debt with them or they are collecting a debt on behalf of another company.
A Debt Collection Company (Debt Collector) will collect overdue debts either on behalf of a company or after buying overdue debts from other companies that you may have missed payments to. These can be from Loan Companies, Banks, Finance Companies, Utility Companies, Store Card Companies, Catalogues, Councils and many more.
If you have a debt with Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions Ltd or another debt collection company and are struggling with the payments click here to contact us or submit your details in the contact form to the right of your screen for instant debt advice.
Contact our debt advice and IVA team today for confidential help. We may be able help you by arranging an IVA or Debt Management Plan and reduce your payments to Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions Ltd. With an IVA you no longer have to deal with the debt companies alone, we manage the debts for you.

Can an IVA help with a debt with Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions Ltd?

Yes, with an IVA will stop a debt company chasing you for payments. We can help you freeze the interest and charges, reduce your debt payments and may even write off some of your debt.
An IVA is a great way to help you become debt free for good.
Submit your details in the form to the right to see if you qualify for an IVA or other debt help solution.
Debt Free IVA

Reduce your debt payments

Debt Free IVAFreeze your interest and charges

Debt Free IVA

Write off most of your debt

Debt Free IVA

Stop letters and phone calls

Debt Free IVA

Stop legal action and bailiff visits

As part of our Online Debt Directory we have listed most of the Debt Collection Companies that operate within the UK, providing you with upto date information on each company. You can find this here Debt Collection Companies Debt Directory
To help you we have provided contact details and company information for Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions Ltd below from the Credit Services Association website.
If you need help with Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions Ltd debts, get in touch today. By submitting your details in the form to the right you will see if an IVA or Debt Management Plan is best for you and learn how to become debt free.


Trading Styles: Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions Ltd, CARS

Services: Business to Business Debt Collection, Debt Purchase, Outsourcing, Small & Ad Hoc Debts Collected, Tracing, Collector Accredited, Consumer Regulated Debt, Consumer Non-regulated Debt
Member Type: Full
Member Since: 01/01/2002
Country: United Kingdom
Contact: Peter Hartley
Telephone: 01256 306751
Address: CARS, Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions Ltd, Viewpoint, Basingstoke, RG21 4UY
At CARS, we place great emphasis on our market leading proprietary recoveries platform and technology and are proud of the compliant environment built specifically to provide enhanced service and quality in today’s highly regulated industry.
CARS provide a ‘best in class’ service to a range of clients, managing several different debt types. Our goal is to be regarded as the provider of choice in a crowded market.
We offer a number of services including White Label outsourcing and Contingency Collections. We can positively enhance our clients’ strategies by utilising our parent’s unique Balance Transfer Programme, offered by JC International Acquisition, LLC, into the recoveries cycle.
Our progressive, consumer friendly approach is paramount to our business and clients performance.

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