Guaranteed savings on your utilities with only one monthly bill

October 3, 2011 No Comments

At a time when cost of food, fuel and utilities are at their highest level and when the top 6 utilities companies announce huge prices hikes, Humber Debt Solutions are pleased to announce that it has established a partnership with the Utility Warehouse. This means that by using the Utility Warehouse, we are now able to offer the UK’s cheapest utilities to our customers in one simple, monthly payment with guaranteed savings.

The Utility Warehouse guarantee you’ll save money when you switch your services to them – or they’ll give you back Double the Difference.

The sooner you join the Discount Club, the sooner you can start saving money!

Use the 30 second savings calculator to see how much you could save, click below

Visit Humber Debt Solutions Utilities page for further information.

You can earn money with the Utility Warehouse by becoming an Independant Distributor. For more information on this please click here and watch the short video. If you have any questions about becoming an Independant Distributor complete your details at the side of the video.