Famous Khru Noi children's home to close due to debts

Ban Khru Noi home set up in 1980 to care for children from poor & broken families to close Sunday due to continuing debt problems.
The famous Ban Khru Noi home for children (shelter) announced it would officially close on Sunday due to ongoing debt problems.
The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS) will provide care for the children from Ban Khru Noi after the closure.
Famous Khru Noi children's home to close due to debtsHISTORY OF BAN KHRU NOI
Ban Khru Noi was set up by Nualnoi Timkul, also known as Khru Noi, in 1980 to provide care for underprivileged children and orphans.
She turned her private house on Soi Rat Burana 26 (on the Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya river, see map at bottom) into a charity home for children.
There are around 65 children under the care of the charity home.
Most of the children come from poor and broken families.
Many of the children are homeless and some are disabled.
Some children stay at the home, while others come and go with the home providing their families with basic necessities.
The home also helps give children access to education.
“I just want children in my care to be happy. I want to give them access to education. If they have education, the world is their oyster,” said Ms. Nualnoi.
The children’s home made a similar closure announcement in July of last year when deputy national police chief Pongsapat Pongcharoen stepped in and helped raise funds to help the home and renegotiate the debt repayment terms.
Back in 2011, a financial management national system was prepared for the shelter with the help of Pol Gen Pongsapat and child welfare activist and current National Legislative Assembly (NLA) member Wallop “Khru Yui” Tangkananurak.
The charity home has been running on public donations and borrowed money with Ms Nualnoi shouldering the burden from time to time.
The shelter has monthly expenses of almost 200,000 baht. It has faced financial problems due to high operating expenses.
Ms Nualnoi said she has run up a debt of more than 800,000 baht, forcing the shutdown.
She has been accused by some of using donations for her own personal purposes and running up the home’s debt to more than one million baht.
Criticism has also mounted against Ms Nualnoi for her alleged lack of proper accounting and management procedures at the shelter.
Ms Nualnoi admitted that poor financial management is to blame for accumulated debt.
Authorities have been interviewing children to assess their condition and needs.
*Source Bangkokpost.com

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