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A Doorstep Loan company provides small unsecured loans over a period upto 12 months often provided to the customer in their own home.
Doorstep Loans, Home Credit or Home Collected Credit are repaid to the company usually with cash. The payments are collected from the customers home on a weekly basis usually by a self employed collection agent.
Most Doorstep Loan companies usually provide loans to individuals with adverse credit, CCJ’s or arrears and because of this the interest rates are high in comparison to “normal” unsecured loans.
A typical Doorstep loan would charge around 300% – 400% APR with a loan of £300 costing over £500 if paid back over 12 months. If paid back over a shorter period the APR could rise above 1000%.
In 2010 the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) investigated the Home Credit and took enforcement action against over 50 Doorstep Loan companies in an attempt to improve standards in the home collected credit (doorstep lending) industry.
The Financial Conduct Authority lays out rules and guidelines on how companies can operate in the consumer credit industry and to prevent unfair practices. The FCAs debt collection rules and guidance sets out minimum standards that all authorised companies involved in debt recovery and debt collection must adhere to in order to be considered fit to operate as a debt collector.
Examples of unfair practices include claiming unfair or excessive collection charges, harrassment, misrepresenting enforcement powers (threatening to seize property when lawfully they cannot), bypassing an appointed representative and contacting you directly, threatening legal action when it is unlikely to take place.

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As part of our Debt Directory we have listed most of the Doorstep Loan Companies that operate within the UK, providing you with upto date information on each company.

Eccles Finance
KDS Finance
Morses Club
Naylors Finance
CLC Finance
Greenwood Personal Credit
Provident Personal Credit
Shopacheck Financial Services

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