Debt management firm fined over unwanted texts

A debt management company has been fined £40,000 after sending unwanted marketing texts to consumers.
Debt management firm fined over unwanted textsLondon-based Vincent Bond & Co Ltd was fined by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for sending 346,162 unwanted text messages between May and December 2015.
The ICO claimed that the firm could not provide sufficient evidence that the recipients had agreed to receive the texts.
Andy Curry, enforcement manager at the ICO, said: “Vincent Bond [& Co] Ltd was responsible for ensuring its text messages were being sent to people who had agreed to receive them.
“It failed to do this and instead caused frustration, anger and upset.
“Unwanted texts are an intrusion on people’s lives and it is right that we take action to stop them. And we have.”
The ICO revealed that 147 people reported the texts.
One of the messages was among the 20 most complained about texts in November 2015.
“When people complain to us, they need to know that it counts,” Andy added.
“The intelligence they give us helps us trace the unwanted calls or messages to source and gives us a better chance of stopping the nuisance.”
Vincent Bond & Co now has until 6th October 2016 to pay the fine.
The firm offers a range of solutions for people who are facing financial difficulties, including individual voluntary arrangements, debt management plans and bankruptcy.

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