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A Debt Collection Company (Debt Collector) will collect overdue debts either on behalf of a company or after buying overdue debts from other companies that you may have missed payments to. These can be from Loan Companies, Banks, Finance Companies, Utility Companies, Store Card Companies, Catalogues, Councils and many more.
Usually when you first fall into arrears your account will be passed to a collection department within the organisation, often under a different company name a subsidiary of the original company. They will attempt to collect the debts before selling the debt to a third party debt collection agency (debt buyers).
These debt buyers purchase debts at a percentage of the outstanding balance and then pursue the customer for payment of the whole amount, demanding payment in full.

The Financial Conduct Authority lays out rules and guidelines on how companies can operate in the consumer credit industry and to prevent unfair practices. The FCAs debt collection rules and guidance sets out minimum standards that all authorised companies involved in debt recovery and debt collection must adhere to in order to be considered fit to operate as a debt collector.
Examples of unfair practices include claiming unfair or excessive collection charges, harassment, misrepresenting enforcement powers (threatening to seize property when lawfully they cannot), bypassing an appointed representative and contacting you directly, threatening legal action when it is unlikely to take place.
If you have an IVA in place a debt collection company cannot contact you or chase you for payments. They are also not allowed to charge you interest or late payment fees.

If you have a debt with a Debt Collection Company and are struggling with the payments click here to contact us or submit your details in the contact form to the right of your screen for instant debt advice.
Contact our debt advice and IVA team today for confidential help. We may be able help you by arranging an IVA or Debt Management Plan and reduce your payments to your debts. With an IVA you no longer have to deal with the debt companies alone, we manage the debts for you.

Can an IVA help with a debt with all debt collection companies?

Yes, with an IVA will stop a debt company chasing you for payments. We can help you freeze the interest and charges, reduce your debt payments and may even write off some of your debt.
An IVA is a great way to help you become debt free for good.
Submit your details in the form to the right to see if you qualify for an IVA or other debt help solution.
Debt Free IVA

Reduce your debt payments

Debt Free IVAFreeze your interest and charges

Debt Free IVA

Write off most of your debt

Debt Free IVA

Stop letters and phone calls

Debt Free IVA

Stop legal action and bailiff visits

Blake Lapthorn Solicitors
Sechiari Clark & Mitchell Solicitors – Credit Card
Knipe Woodhouse Smith
Portland House Collection Services
Cash Flow Services
Sterling Collections Limited
Legal & Trade
Moorcroft Debt Recovery
Nationwide Debt Recovery
Allied International Credit (AIC)
Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions (C.A.R.S)
Keyes Whitlock & Co
Intrum Justitia
Geoffrey Parker Bourne
Unidebt Collections
Howard Cohen & Co Solicitors
Lowell Financial
Fredrickson International
Scotcall Debt Collecting Services
CL Finance
Past Due Credit Solutions
Wescot Credit Services
Cabot Financial
Reliable Collections
Aktiv Kapital
Blair Oliver and Scott
CapQuest Debt Recovery
Credit Solutions
C.K. Edrupt & Co. Solicitors
Apex Credit Management
Mercers Debt Collections (Credit Card)
Advantis Credit
Connaught Collections
Fairfax Solicitors
Hamptons Legal
Gothia Limited
Credit Resource Solutions
RMA Resolve
JB Debt Recovery (JBDR)
Red Debt Collection Services
KPR Debt Collections
HL Legal & Collections Solicitors
Red Castle Recoveries
Regal Credit Consultants
SRJ Debt Recovery
Philips Collection Services
Bryan Carter & Co Solicitors
IQor Recovery Services
Impact Collection Services
Metropolitan Collections Services
Credit Security
Collect Direct
Viking Collection Services
Albion Collections
Marlin Financial Services
CCS Collect
UK Search Limited
Carter Forbes Collections
Droyds Debt & Collection Services
Experto Credite
Roxburghe Debt Collections
MHA Collections
ARC (Europe)
DG Solicitors
Buchanan Clark and Wells
West Midlands Debt Collections
Calder Financial
Rockwell Debt Collection Agency
Central Debt Collection Services
Jacobs Certified Bailiffs
Fenton Cooper
LCS Civil Enforcement
Daniels Silvermans
Commercial Credit Services Group
Phoenix Recoveries
Wiseman debt collections
Mercers Debt Collection (Barclays Partner Finance)
Scott & Co
Bristow & Sutor Civil Enforcement
Call Serve
Newman Debt Collection Agents
Milton Keynes Rapid Recoveries
Global Debt Recovery
Drydens Solicitors
Inter Credit International
Debitas Legal Services
Rundle & Co
Andrew James Enforcement Limited
Debt Clear Recovery & Investigations
Phoenix Commercial Collections
Chantry Collection
Aplins Solicitors
Trevor Munn Solicitors
Westminsters Solicitors
Horwich Farrelly Solicitors
Jacobs Certified Bailiffs
Debt Management & Recovery Services
Walker Love Sherriff Offices
Debt & Revenue Services
Ealing Trading Co
Shoosmiths Solicitors
Incasso LLP
Close Credit Management
SC Gray Solicitors
Cougar Financial Services
1st Credit
Robinson Way & Company
Castlebridge Credit Management
BPO Collections
Nelson Guest & Partners Solicitors
Arrow Global
NCO Financial Services Europe
Central Debt Recovery Unit
National Debt Recovery
Horwich Farrelly Solicitors
Mackenzie Hall
Direct Legal & Collections
BLS Collections
The Lewis Group
Debt Managers
Link Financial
EOS Solutions
Graham White Solicitors
Debt Collection & Security
Circuit Financial Solutions
HFO Services
Restons Solicitors
Hillesden Security
LCS Solicitors
Chelmer Collections
Risk Management Alternatives International
Network Credit Services
Ross & Roberts
Arden Credit Management
Face2Face Contact
Collections Direct
Nationwide Collection Services
FIRE – Financial Investigations & Recoveries
Response Credit Management
Irwin Mitchell Solicitors
First Credit Management
Oxendales & Company
Swift Credit Services
Rossendales Collect
First Credit Services
Credit Account Management
Chafes (Wilmslow)
Debt Litigation Recovery Services
Chandlers Limited
Optima Legal
British Telecom – BT Debt
Legal Recoveries & Collections
Resolution Legal Services
Central Recovery
Cornwall Collection Services
The Zinc Group
Whyte & Co
Payment Services Bureau
RSM Tenon
TBI Financial Services
Retail Credit Management
Utility Debt Services
Credit Resolutions Services
GM-Law Solicitors
Credit Ancillary Services
Home Collection Services
Stanford and Green
Special Collections
P&J Debt Collection Services
1st Locate UK
SQN Services
Largo Legal And Receivables
Belfast Collection Services
Grosvenor Legal Services
Credit Information Bureau
Brecon Debt Recovery
CCI Legal Services
Shakespeare Putsman
MIL Collections
JBW Group
Vil Collections
Opos Collection Agency
Judge & Priestley LLP
Resolve Debt Management
Bay Collections
Paladin Commercial Credit Management
Global Vantedge
Go Debt
Debt Finance & Collection
Groundwell Debt Recovery
Concilia Debt Recovery
Optima legal – Scottish Office
Collect Services
Capital Credit Agencies
Advanced Telecoms Debt
Green & Co Solicitors
Scottish Hydro
TNC Legal Services – Glasgow
Jeremy Sutcliffe & Company Solicitors
Yuill & Kyle
Debt Recovery
Ford & Warren Solicitors
P & J Collection Services
Mortimer Clarke Solicitors
Machins Solicitors
Brunswick Collection Services
Andrew Wilson & Co
LFS Collection Services
RSM Tenon
S.C Gray & Co
First Resolution
Alex M Adamson LLP
CCS Enforcement Services
Banner Jones Solicitors
SPC Collections
PDP Managment Services
Dukes Bailiff
Blackfriars Debt Collection
Code Red Collection Services
Response debt management
Highdown Debt Recovery
Broadway Recoveries
UK Default Recovery
Scott & Mears
Debeo Debt Recovery
Ideal Collections
J&J Collections
Sechiari Clark & Mitchell Solicitors – Blackhorse
Town & Country Legal Services LLP
The Debt Recovery Agency
Spratt Endicott
Security Investigations
Rockford Debt Collection
Debt Help Services (DHS)
Stirling Park LLP – Kilmarnock
Country Wide Collections
Turnbull Rutherford Solicitors
SD Taylor
TNC Legal Services – Cheltenham
LRC Legal Recovery and Collections Limited
Midas Legal Services
Stirling Park LLP – Recoveries Centre
Northern Debt Recovery
Retail bank Collections
A.A Hutton LLP
Largo Legal And Receivables
Russel & Aitken
Penham Excel
Capital Collection Agencies
Stirling Park LLP – Ayr
Credit Style
Fairhalsen Collections
Charles Howard & Partners
Anderson Strathern – Edinburgh Office
Global Debt Management
Energy Collection Services Limited
Bermans Solictors – Manchester Office
Greenhalghs Solicitors
Green & Co Solicitors
Marston Group
Alexander James & Co
Lawton Hathaway
Tessera Group
Winchester Debt Collections Agency
Talon Debt Recovery
Goodwillie & Corcoran – Hampshire Office
HL Interactive Solicitors LLP
Legal & Trade


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