Bath MP Ben Howlett urges those struggling with energy bills to seek expert advice

Leading debt charity Christians Against Poverty warns spiralling personal debt can negatively affect all areas of a person’s life causing loss of sleep, putting a strain on relationships, leading to poor physical and mental health – and even risking their home and livelihood. 

Bath MP Ben Howlett urges those struggling with energy bills to seek expert adviceSeeking help sooner rather than allowing debt problems to develop and escalate is the best way to reduce these negative consequences, says the charity. 

New research from British Gas has revealed that many people simply don’t know where to turn for help.

While two thirds of people said they would speak to family members or their energy company to get help with energy debt, a third of those surveyed said they wouldn’t speak to anyone at all if they were in financial difficulty.

Just 46% of respondents said they would contact their energy company after 1-3 months if they were in financial difficulty. But 29% said they didn’t know how to find out about help.

Ben Howlett MP said: “January can be a financially difficult time for many so I’d strongly advise anyone who is worried about their energy bills to get help and advice – by calling their energy supplier or seeking help from a debt counselling charity like Christians Against Poverty.

“There is lots of help out there – so there’s no need to feel alone or let bills build up.”

Christians Against Poverty offer face-to-face support at home while negotiating with creditors on behalf of their client. The charity helps everyone for free, regardless of age, gender, faith or background.

In addition to its partnerships with Christians Against Poverty and StepChange, British Gas offers direct help to customers who are having difficulty paying their bills, with interest-free debt repayment plans.

In 2016, some 105,000 people were offered assistance in this way.

The supplier also makes referrals to the British Gas Energy Trust (BGET) which has invested £85m since its foundation in 2004, helping 175,000 people with debt problems through grants and expert advice. In some cases, BGET will clear a customer’s arrears completely.


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