More than £5,000 raised for Alan Barnes' 'angel' to help pay PR debts – almost the entire bill

Katie Cutler received a huge PR bill after she helped raise funds to buy the vulnerable pensioner a new home.
The young mum left saddled with debt after raising cash for mugging victim Alan Barnes has had thousands of pounds donated to help her.
Katie Cutler, dubbed the Angel of the North, was slapped with a PR bill of almost £7,000 after she hired an adviser to allegedly help raise her profile.
The 23-year-old first hit the headlines when she started an online campaign to help the 4ft 6in pensioner buy a new home, after he was attacked in the street by a drug addict.
Her efforts resulted in Alan being able to buy a £330,000 house funded by the donations.
Now, well-wishers have set up two online appeals to help Katie meet the £6,687 bill she was handed by PR adviser Claire Barber.
Katie had disputed the final bill and it is the subject of county court proceedings.
Unless she finds the funds by Tuesday, she faces having belongings from her house seized and auctioned off.More than £5,000 raised for Alan Barnes' 'angel' to help pay PR debts
By Monday lunchtime, one appeal the site had reached £2,824 and one on had raised £2,380.
Katie was tearful when she appeared on ITV’s This Morning show , saying she hoped when her daughter, who has just started school, is old enough, she would be able to see the “nice things” she had done for others.
Alan, who was born with disabilities after his mother contracted German measles during pregnancy, has been criticised by some people for not helping her pay the bill from the money raised for him.
But Katie told the ITV show: “Alan is a vulnerable adult. That money was raised for him, I didn’t expect anything in return.”
Northumberland-based Katie has previously said she had “no choice but to go to the small claims court” as she was unable to carry the debt.
She said the dispute over the bill lasted over a year, and said her agency was “highly ethical” and had an “outstanding reputation”.

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