Payday loan companies ‘hounding’ homeless teenagers and pushing them into debt, charity warns

Unscrupulous payday loan companies are pushing debt onto homeless teenagers including those with learning difficulties, and “hounding” them for repayment, a charity has warned.

A 19-year-old with learning difficulties was among those bombarded with aggressive text …
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Catalogue debt rip off doubles the cost of Christmas

Catalogue debts could double the cost of Christmas. A study has found that mainstream brands are charging APRs of up to 60% – which is almost triple the average interest on a credit cards, and could …
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People in debt must be given room to breathe

Millions of children in the UK are living in families trapped by debt. As charities and organisations who work with, and directly support, households struggling with problem debt, we see the impact this can have on …
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More than half a million people in UK just had their debt written off

The Financial Conduct Authority, the City’s main watchdog, was forced to step in and probe Motormile Finance UK’s methods of recovering money from customers.

After finding that the firm would harass its clients, often calling them …
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You have to play the debt game whether you want to or not – Mark’s story of how he eventually won it

Mark had never been overdrawn, always saved up for things he needed and was running a profitable business – but that still wasn’t good enough for the banks.

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Pension crisis awaits for debt-laden millenials saddled with soaring education and housing costs

A generation of young Britons saddled with thousands of pounds of debt face a future pensions crisis, research warns.

Burdened with servicing debts of more than £20,000 each, nearly a quarter of people under …
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