A near-debt experience

There are ten countries that offer citizenship against ‘investment’, i.e., if you bring a certain amount of money into the country, you are entitled to citizenship within a certain time frame, ranging from immediate to 7 …
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Struggling with unaffordable payday loans? You may be due a refund

Payday lenders may now face stricter rules following a crackdown on the controversial sector, but complaints are on the rise. Free independent complaints arbitrator, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), saw a 245% increase in …
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The overdrafts worse than payday loans that trap people in a debt spiral – and how to beat them

They see thousands of people pushed into problem debt every week, adding hundreds a year in charges to people who just mis-step occasionally – but there is a way out.The ... <br /><a href=Read More

Fears of a new debt binge after First Direct bank offers borrowers loans of up to £50,000 with no collateral

Borrowers are being offered unsecured loans of up to £50,000 – fuelling fears that Britain is embarking on another dangerous debt binge.

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Council tax debt crisis: 6 million in £300 debt to councils

A new study of debt has revealed that millions of people have failed to pay their essential bills. Council tax debts are the most alarming, with over 6 million people owing more than £300. Some 17% …
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Overdraft charges add millions to problem debt

Charges on unarranged overdrafts are spiralling, says StepChange Debt Charity, adding millions to problem debt – and there are calls for them to be capped as a result.Overdraft charges add ... <br /><a href=Read More

Overdraft cap ‘needed’ as spiralling charges add millions to problem debt

The debt charity is calling for the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), to set a maximum monthly cap on overdraft charges.

Banks will be forced to cap unauthorised overdraft charges in late 2017, following a …
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A fifth of adults in south Bristol are in debt, research shows

More than 16,000 people – about one-fifth of adults – in south Bristol are in debt, according to research by the Money Advice Service.

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Government body to help public with money advice from debt to pensions

A new financial guidance body enabling people to get better help with money matters ranging from budgeting to pension questions will be created by the Government.

The body will be a first point of contact for …
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GPs slammed for charging people who seek help for debt crisis £150 to fill out PAPERWORK

A report from the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute claims that GPs are profiting from patients’ debt problems.

The investigation reads: “People with mental health problems and debt are being charged up to £150 for …
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